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From: (RearSentry)
Organization: Anonymous forwarding service
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 05:05:55 UTC
Subject: Story: My First Fuck (m/m)
Lines: 204I am a twenty-something male 6 ft tall and 170lbs. I had always been
straight, until an 11.5 inch cock was waved in my face. Since that day
two years ago, I have been exploring my bisexual side. I have recently
posted my first few stories. This is the next of my true adventures.I went back to the bathhouse, took out underage schoolgirls a room, and headed for the
showers. I had had a long tiring day at work and forced underage pics just stood under very
hot water for about 15 minutes. During this time a number of guys came in
and left, but it seemed to be a pretty quiet night. I headed for the
sauna. Usually there would be some action there but tonight it was
virtually empty. I decide to cruise around the place and check out that
night's clientele.After a quick once around I decided to check out the video room. I walked
in through the squeaking door, and around the corner that afforded the
room some privacy. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the dimness,
broken only by the pale blue light from the large TV at the other end of
the room. There were benches underage anime porn in front illegal videos underage of the screen and along each wet teen underage
Itook a adult underage pictures seat underage model vids near the front on the east side.There were half a dozen or so guys sitting watching twoguys fucking
onscreen. The closeups were not too great but the sounds were intense.
Soon I heard some additional noise to virtual underage pics
my left. Turning back, I saw that
one guy on fuck underage free the rear bench was being sucked underage looking girls by the guy in cp underage bbs
fornt of him. A
nice black cock was sliding in and out of this guys mouth. Neither of
them seemed particularly interested in what others thought of videos underage their white underage
activity, but I figured underaged children nude that if they objected to being watched, they
could pick a better location. I tried to see as much as I could in the
darkness.The door opened and pics sex underage a couple of attractive guys about my age came in.
They were laughing and joking with each other. They seemed very much like
a underage nympho galleries
couple. They checked out the screen, and the live action and underage models girls
stroking themselves and each other under their towels. Soon one guy slid
tohis knees and pulled his friends' cockout.It was about 6 inches and
very hard. He took it in his mouth and swallowed it whole,gagging
slightly, and then began to underage nudism model work him over. He paid a underage nude children
bbs ls underage
lot of attention to
his balls,and I think his hidden fingers underage twat were doing a number on the guy's
asshole.Everyone was watching them,including the black guy getting sucked on the
bench. The couple changed underage porn 11yo positions as the guy being sucked stood up on
the bench and underage porn anime began fucking the uncensored underaged mouth of his hunched over buddy. A underage thai nudes
big guy
sitting two spaces down from me decide that they could use some help. He
moved down a couple a feet and started stroking the sucker's leg and ass.
Encountering no resistance,he removed the guy's towel, bent underage littel sex over and took
his 6 incher into his mouth. With his free hand he removed his towel and nude underaged teens
started stroking his own cock as he sucked. It was about 8 inches and thick.I looked around and everyone had their dicks out beating off. I started
rubbing my cock through my towel. It shot up to its 7.5 inches. The guy
next to me avs underage girls began to stroke my nipples and asked me if I wanted some
mutual masturbation. He offered me his 5 incher, but I really
preferred to watch at this point.I looked up at the trio of lust and saw the first sucker was now licking
his friends' asshole, very underage girls
causing much moaning. They stopped and teenies underage
something to one another and the underage archive foto
first guy disappeared. underage illegal forum His lover turned
and offered his cocktothe big guy who had been deprived of the object of
his ministrations. He eagerly sucked this new cock into his wet legalize underage drinking
mouth and little angels underage
the room again filled with slurping sounds. A few minutes later the first guy returned and I now saw the reason for
his absence. He had procured a condom,which he now slipped on his small underage blowjobs
and moved behind his lover. First he bent teen underage portal over ivan's underage bbs and applied saliva to his
friends's asshole sliding a finger in and out. Then he teen boy underage
stood up with one
hand around underage pics tgp
his cock and the other on his friend's hip and pushed petite underage girls
forwards. He seemed toencounter some resistance but slowly worked his
cock into that tight hole. The guy receiving was still pumping his underage models free cock
into the big guy's mouth. He lifted his leg up and placed it on the underaged porn torrents bench
beside the big guy. I realized that this would give the guys on the other
side a bird's eye view of his asshole being reamed. I shuddered at the
thought.I had never seen two guys fucking in real life. I underaged tranny had never been fucked,
although I underage girls fuck
had begun to bring lube and condoms on my bathhouse visits. It
was intense to see this so close up. And very provocative.Soon the guys began to move faster and I kew they were getting free underage porno
close. A
fair crowd had gathered, but remained silent, the only sounds being the
sounds of fucking and sucking. The fucker pulled out, whipped his
condom off and started to shoot come on his buddy's back and ass. It
glowed in the dim blue light. THe sperm bath seemd to push the other guy
over the edge as he face fucked the big guy and shot in his mouth.I
watched his throat as he gulped down the load he was fed. Then he too
began to spurt, his free hand jerking the thick gobs of come
skywards,landing on the leg of the guy whose cock he was still mouthing.As everyone picked up and left free underage boys I headed back to my room,still shaking.
I was as turned on as at anytime in my life. I lay underage russian webcams down on my bed to
ponder what I had seen, without first shutting the door. I had been lying underaged panty

there for only a minute or so when Asian guy about my age passed my
door, looked gay boys underage
in, did a double take and came underage and lesbians
back. Wordlessly and in one
motion, he stepped into underage porn chat my room, shut the door behind him, walked forward to
where I was reclining, dropped his towel, put his hand on my head and fucking virgin underage
pushed it to his cock. I had no time to react or protest, only to open my mouth and take him in. underage angel naked
He was about 5 inches long and quite thick, underage model preview but I could easily accomodate
him entirely in my mouth. Seeing this, he underage female nudes
began to take advantage, fucking
my mouth with full hard strokes. Everything had happened so quickly I had
not even seen whether he was cut or uncut. underage pics xxx
I started probing him with my
tongue. underage kds xxx He lifted me off and sat down at the head of underage porn gallerys the bed. I nestled
between his legs and took him back in. He continued pumping and started
to talk "You suck good. How would you like me to fuck you. I'll fuck you
good,I can come twice if you want."Hearing him talk about fucking me while I had his cock in my mouth was
almost too much. I felt a tension in my balls and a clutching in my cock
as though I was about 3 seconds away from coming. I pulled off of him. I
had to be completely free of stimulation just to avoid popping off
without even touching myself. underage cocks After a few seconds things settled down and
I slid my lips over his fat cockhead again. I turned to look at the mirror underage illeagal models
on the other wall. It showed the image of me sucking this guy's entire
cock into my mouth, my ass in the air ready to be fucked. "Ready to be
fucked?" I thought. It was the first underage erotic girls time I had really considered it like
that.He pulled me off him and reached for underage shower
my condoms on the table. Taking one ilegal underage porn
out he opened it and rolled it down over his cock,stretching it fully. I
sat up and reached for my bottle of Astroglide underage boys clips lube and squeezed some
out onto my fingers. I brought them to my asshole apply the cool slick
liquid and pushing it inside with two fingers. I took my underage boyz naked
time both adding
lube and making sure I was open. His cock would not give me a underage newsgroups deep
fuck,but it was thicker than mine and I knew would be an intense fuck. I
poured some more lube out and covered his rubbered cock. I debated
telling him underage naked porno of underage chicks my virginity,but things were moving so fast. The only
thing I could say was "When you are ready to come, please pull out,don't
come in my ass." I was very concerned about a condom bursting in my ass
(I still am. It is why I do not have more anal sex).He said "No, I want to illegal underage naked
shoot my cum sexy vid underage in your mouth". I was relieved. underage nudity picsfree I was
turned on. I was ready as I'd ever be. I turned around and got on all fours my open,lubed asshole pointing
straight at him. I watched in the mirror as he moved up behind me. He
touched his cock against my ass,but did not underage model belle
japanese underage apply any pressure. I think
he was just spreading the lube around. "Good" I thought, "He is going to
take it slow". From fucking women in the ass I knew that this was the
third vital ingredient: desire, lube, and patience. Usually It took about
four or five minutes of gentle pressure just for a woman to get used to
accomodating my cockhead. But he was uncensored nude underage
not interested in this. With no under age naturist
warning he put his hands on my
back and shoved forward,hard. His entire length rammed into me in about a
quarter of a second. I underage kid cp saw it disappear in the mirror. And underage girlie pics that was just
to start. He immediately began to ram it in and out with full length
strokes, forcing my tight asshole open. It felt like I was nude underage petite
being ripped
apart but it was glorious. He pulled all the way out and asked me to roll
over. avsadult underage entertainment
Our height differential made it tough for him to underage model index fuck me from
behind. I preferred being fucked doggy style but was willing to do
anything to get underaged fucked
his cock back in my ass.I laid back as he lifted my legs in the air and placed his cock at my anus.
He shoved in hard. I think he liked to see me wince underage indian pics
because he started
fucking me harder. He leaned over and kissed me. I told him that I really
did not get off club seventeen underage on kissing and he seemed to understand. He went back sexy underage lesbians
fucking my ass. He alternated between fast hard strokes and strokes where
he withdrew almost all the way,until my ass tightened up and then blasted
back through, filling me with cock. It is hard to descibe allthe feeling underage yr lover
s of being fucked,but he fucked me harder than I underage teens lotias had ever fucked a woman. I loved it. He loved talking about it. He kept saying how tight my ass extreme underage
was, underage ukraine boys
how hot I looked. I began to talk back "Fuck me. Yeah fuck that ass.
Split me open. Fuck my ass!" I was shouting now, I wanted everyone to
hear,to know I was getting my ass royally reamed. Soon he said he was close.He pulled out of my ass, ripped the condom off, and I swung around to
take him in my mouth He grabbed my head and started fucking hard. My
mouth was flowing girl underage porn with saliva and precum and the fucking made a squishy
loud sound. Soon he tensed up and forced my head down holding it on his
cock as he bucked in my mouth. His cum began to underage pussys 14 shoot. It spurted out
filling my mouth with its flavor even before it filled it with its volume.
He continued to pump sperm into me gasping as he came. As he finished I
licked his softening cock.He got upand left, thanking underaged teens porn me for a hot fuck. I exited intending to hit
the showers. I found a line of three or four guys waiting outside my
room. It turned me on to think that they were listening tomy cherry ebony underage models pop.
I thought about asking them underage lsm
to continue the assfucking session, but
figured that the rough reaming I gothad probably finished me for the night.
I cleaned up and got ready to go. Just to be sure, I checked the used condom that he had pulled off. I
inflated it, and it held air fine. No leaks,no cum in my ass. I felt OK. oriental underage nudes
Though my fear of a condom breaking has kept me from repeating this
scene, I did love it,and found that even te pain of a underage cunt stories rough underaged nude model fuck was
dwarfed by the incredible pleasure.
I still have that condom, and underage ukraine models my memories. underage consumtion
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